CBC Fremantle Collaborates with Castledex to Create Innovative Learning Spaces in Senior Learning Block
Castledex's Furniture Solutions Enhance CBC Fremantle's Vision for Modern Education and Collaborative Learning
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CBC Fremantle is an Independent Catholic secondary school for young men, located in historic Fremantle. In 2021, CBC expanded their campus to include a Senior Learning block, for exclusive access by their Year 11 and Year 12 cohort. The building aimed to provide a number of learning spaces and flexible study areas for students completing their ATAR studies. Castledex were delighted to be able to work with CBC to create spaces that not only fulfilled the learning function requirements of the building, but also provided a beautifully thought out, quiet space for students. 

The refurbishment aimed to create a collaborative and inspiring space that would enhance the learning experience for students, and provide a comfortable and functional study space for students to use outside of class time.

We worked directly with CBC Fremantle to understand the design intent and functional requirements. Based on our analysis, we recommended furniture solutions that would best align with their vision, whilst also providing a variety of learning spaces to support different teaching practices and subjects.

We provided 5 different classroom types, from mixed height structured learning to informal flexible learning by utilising furniture pieces such as high and low folding tables, modular lounges, laptop tables, teaching lecterns, and comfortable student seating. Each product was carefully considered to ensure that the space would be comfortable, durable and most importantly, adaptable to meet the school’s ever-evolving needs far into the future.

The solutions provided by Castledex complemented Site’s architectural design of the building and met the functional needs of the institution. The furniture provided a comfortable and functional space for students to learn and study. The ergonomic seating solutions provided a comfortable solution for long periods of use. The flexibility of the furniture allowed for easy reconfiguration of the space to meet changing needs.

The Senior Learning block at CBC Fremantle was a successful collaboration between CBC Fremantle, Site Architecture, and Castledex. Our solutions not only met the design intent and functional requirements, but also allowed the school to expand their learning spaces to incorporate modern teaching methods and collaborative learning. Castledex are incredibly proud to have been involved in the project and look forward to future collaborations.