Castledex Transforms Compass Group's Workplace
for Collaboration and Wellbeing
Date Completed
IA Design
Dion Robeson

The primary objective was to create a workplace that encouraged collaboration, supported an agile working culture, and promoted health and wellbeing among employees. Compass Group aimed to achieve an occupation rate of 75%, meaning that the office needed to accommodate a high level of activity and flexibility. Key requirements included the provision of lockers, hot desks, meeting rooms, and other bookable spaces to facilitate the agile work environment. Additionally, the client wanted to incorporate walking tracks on both floors to encourage physical activity, with level 3 featuring a café-style breakout area and a town hall assembly space for various functions.

Castledex collaborated closely with IA Design, Project Manager Bateup Consulting, and Head Contractor Veritruss to deliver workstations and furniture for a multi-stage project in the second quarter of 2023. Our role was to provide furniture solutions that aligned with IA Design vision for their new workplace.

Agile Workspace: Castledex provided a range of agile furniture solutions, including sit stand desks, task chairs and booths. These elements allowed Compass Group's employees to work closely within their allocated teams while also encouraging collaboration beyond department boundaries.

Health and Wellbeing: To promote health and wellbeing, Castledex supported the installation of ottomans, loose furniture and tables. Of particular interest was the Ø Modular Ottoman from Plus Halle in the reception – a real feature for the Fitout. 

Multi-Purpose Spaces: Castledex furnished the generously sized café-style breakout area on level 3 and the adjacent three-tiered town hall assembly seating with Halo Stools from SBW and Column tables from Klaro. These spaces were designed to accommodate large team gatherings, all-hands meetings, client entertainment, broadcasting, and media-facing events, enhancing the versatility of the workplace.

Recruitment Area: For Compass Group's recruitment area on level 2, Castledex contributed to the design of reception areas, interview booths, assessment rooms, and a drug & alcohol testing bathroom, ensuring a functional and professional space for hiring processes.

Castledex helped play a contributing role in transforming Compass Group's workplace into a hub of collaboration, agility, and employee wellbeing. The furniture solutions provided not only met the client's requirements but also enhanced the overall functionality and aesthetics of the space. Compass Group's commitment to promoting a healthy work culture and facilitating teamwork was realized through this project, making it a resounding success.