Euroz Hartleys
A merger creates an opportunity for an inspired workspace .
Date Completed
Kelly Bucksey
Dawn Express

A partnership between Euroz Hartleys, JUO and Dawn express has allowed us to contribute to a reimagined workplace and client experience.

Castledex continued its long-term partnership with the JUO Design studio and Dawn Express by providing an end-to-end furniture solution for Euroz Hartleys refit of offices in Mounts bay road and 141 St Georges Terrace. JUOs vision of creating a unified client experience for the merged businesses. As well as a refresh for the workspace of a portion of Alluvion and the totality of Westralia with a focus to the future.

Working across two different sites and with three stages meant the Castledex operations team needed to work closely with experienced Head Contractor Dawn Express to achieve a tight program. Castledex was also engaged in relocation and dismantle of existing furniture.

Castledex worked tirelessly to ensure that procurement was completed to achieve the budget and timelines by procuring for all stages at once. Whilst the Operations team worked within the detailed staging program to deliver the outcomes required so that both businesses could continue to operate without hinderance.

The brief meant a rethink for the entrances for Westralia Square. With a focus of reconnecting meeting and theatrette with the iconic swan river views – Castledex provided a range of understated furniture to provide comfort and elegance in accompaniment to the views.

Revisiting their workplace set ups – Castledex provided a range of 120 degree workstations with a focus on technology to support the staff for the future. Being able to be single select allowed us to assist with the overall budget to ensure that finishes remained high whilst still provided economies of scale.