Collaboration and Innovation Shine in Northern Star Resources' Serene Subiaco Workplace, Enhanced by Castledex Furniture Solutions
Creating a Harmonious and Inspiring Environment: Creative Logic Interiors, CDI Group, ACORPP, and Castledex Unite to Prioritize Well-being and Collaboration in Western Australia's Heart
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Creative Logic Interiors
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CDI Group

The Northern Star Resources project, located in the heart of Subiaco, Western Australia, was a collaborative effort between Creative Logic Interiors, CDI Group, ACORPP, and Castledex. The 3,380 square meter workplace was designed to prioritize staff well-being and collaboration while reflecting the company's connection to their work, culture, and operating regions in Western Australia.

Creative Logic Interiors led the design process, drawing inspiration from the texture and tones of the region. The carefully chosen materials and calming color palette created a welcoming and harmonious space for both staff and visitors. The design aimed to foster a sense of connection to the natural beauty of Western Australia, enhancing the overall work environment.

CDI Group, renowned for their expertise in construction, skillfully executed the build of the project. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality ensured the successful realization of Creative Logic Interiors' design vision. ACORPP efficiently project managed the entire process, ensuring seamless coordination and timely completion.

As a key partner in the project, Castledex provided their renowned Ascend round leg height adjustable workstations. These workstations, customized with a powder-coated finish, not only offered ergonomic benefits but also added a touch of sophistication to the workspace. Additionally, Castledex supplied a range of loose furniture, carefully selected to complement the overall design aesthetic and enhance staff comfort and collaboration.

The completed Northern Star Resources workplace exemplifies the successful integration of design, construction, project management, and furniture solutions. The collaborative efforts of Creative Logic Interiors, CDI Group, ACORPP, and Castledex have resulted in a space that prioritizes staff well-being and encourages collaboration. Staff and visitors alike are welcomed into a serene and visually inspiring environment that reflects Northern Star Resources' connection to their work, culture, and operating regions in Western Australia.

Castledex's contribution, through their Ascend round leg height adjustable workstations and carefully selected loose furniture, adds both functionality and aesthetic value to the space. The project showcases Castledex's commitment to delivering innovative furniture solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients.