Castledex and State 28 Interiors Join Forces to Transform Pragma Lawyers' Perth Office with Tailored Furniture Solutions
Inspiring Professionalism and Functionality: Castledex's Custom Furniture Solutions Enhance Pragma Lawyers' Central Business District Workspace in Collaboration with State 28 Interiors
Date Completed
State 28 Interiors

Castledex was engaged by State 28 Interiors to provide furniture solutions for Pragma Lawyers' new Perth office, located in the city's central business district. Pragma Lawyers is a leading Australian law firm that provides legal services to businesses across various industries.

Our team worked closely with State 28 Interiors to understand their design brief, which included a focus on creating a modern, professional, and functional workspace that reflected Pragma Lawyers' brand and values.

To meet these requirements, Castledex provided a range of innovative furniture solutions that included workstations, ergonomic chairs, and storage solutions. We also provided meeting and breakout furniture that encouraged collaboration and productivity among employees.

The furniture solutions were carefully selected to complement the contemporary design of the space, which incorporated a mix of natural materials, bold colours, and graphic elements. The overall design aimed to create an inspiring and dynamic workspace that reflected Pragma Lawyers' brand and values.

Castledex's furniture solutions were seamlessly integrated into the overall design of the space, ensuring a cohesive and functional workspace for Pragma Lawyers employees.

The Pragma Lawyers project was completed on time and within budget, and the new workspace has been well-received by employees and clients. The furniture solutions provided by Castledex, in collaboration with State 28 Interiors, have contributed to creating a modern, professional, and functional workspace that reflects Pragma Lawyers' brand and values, while supporting employee productivity and well-being.