Prindiville Hall
Transforming Notre Dame's Student Hub
Date Completed
Actus Associates
Joel Barbitta

In the heart of Fremantle, the University of Notre Dame's Student Hub underwent a transformative refurbishment, seamlessly blending heritage with modernity. Actus Associates led the design of Stage 2, envisioning dynamic spaces including a Games Room and Green Room.

Castledex collaborated closely with Actus Associates to furnish these innovative spaces, providing custom booth seating solutions such as U-shaped and Hut booths. These bespoke furnishings seamlessly combined functionality with style, enhancing student engagement and comfort.

We ensured that every furniture selection complemented the design aesthetic while meeting the diverse needs of students. For instance, the flexible seating system "Four Likes" by our brand partner Ocee Four was chosen to add functionality to the student hall, inspiring and empowering students for both individual study and group interactions.

The design outcome was a vibrant and dynamic Student Hub that seamlessly integrated modern furniture elements with the building's heritage. Castledex's commitment to excellence ensured the timely delivery and installation of furniture pieces that, in collaboration with Actus Associates' innovative design, enhanced the overall ambiance and functionality of the space.