QLD State Archives
Connecting Queenslanders with their past, the QLD State Archives (QSA) has created vibrant people friendly learning spaces. QSA houses and manages millions of public records dating back to the early Moreton Bay penal settlement of 1823.
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QLD Sate Archives
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QLD State Archives facility at Runcorn, Brisbane, is a state-of-the-art complex dedicated to maintaining these records in perfect archival conditions and promoting public awareness. A colourful mix of interactive and educational spaces invite a broad range of community groups to make use of this amazing resource.

The Café offers both indoor and outdoor eating with furniture capable of doing double duty. FourSure 44 Ebony polyshell chairs, and Lily tables with compact laminate are robust and durable. Giggle chairs around mobile tables allow learning spaces to be quickly and easily reconfigured for different size groups and allow for a variety of interactions. Henray Booth uses an otherwise dead corridor space to provide a quiet zone for meetings or study. Innopods on lockable wheels are the perfect mobile individual study zone and their acoustic properties both reduce ambient sound in the surrounding space and provide a quiet zone for the occupant.