At the core of Acustico Lighting is the desire to solve the challenge of noisy spaces
‘I always start with how I want a space to feel. Design is not just about the visual elements, it needs to cater to all the senses,’ Director and Interior Designer, Samantha McKenzie.

 A lack of noise makes for a serene environment where one can focus and feel calm.

This is achieved through a perfect combination of adding colour, texture and shape through materiality, ambient light and of course noise absorption and diffusion.

It is their intention that an Acustico Light adds an elegant layer which adds to your space both aesthetically and acoustically.

They use Global Green Tag certified materials and have an agreement with our suppliers that 90% of materials can either be recycled or repurposed.

As lovers of good design, the Acustico Lighting design team were extremely proud recipients of a prestigious Gold Good Design Award (2019) and a 2018 international LIT Award for Pendant Lighting Award.