Elevating Spaces with Innovative Design and Australian Craftsmanship
Experience the beauty and durability of Arko's premium furniture, designed to withstand the Australian climate while creating inspiring environments for corporate, hospitality, and residential settings

Led by designer Kain Lucas, Arko designs and manufactures premium outdoor furniture and furnishings for corporate, hospitality and residential environments.

Whether it’s bringing the outdoors in with their vertical gardenwalls, or taking the indoors out with their range of tables and stools, Arko furniture is designed to an interior standard and made to withstand the full force of our Australian climate.

Flexible, adaptable and beautiful, so you can enjoy Arko furniture wherever you decide.

Arko products are widely utilised in corporate settings, break out rooms, offices and hospitality spaces, creating natural and contemporary environments fostering creativity and valuable time away from the desk for meetings and communication.

Australian Designed and made for Australian conditions, all of their products are protected by IP law that ensures you are buying a unique and exclusive product.