District Eight
Inception through build

District Eight is a lifestyle furnishing brand based in Vietnam, creating products from inception through build.
Since 2010, District Eight has worked to elevate the workmanship of its manufacture, and has developed collection that aim highest quality while maintaining hand-crafted finish.

Specialising in custom-made industrial furniture, District Eight Design combines vintage design, reclaimed materials and traditional techniques with contemporary style and cutting edge innovation to create unique, handcrafted pieces 

District Eight began as a labour of love in 2010 when Paul Norriss and Darren Chew set out to preserve, develop and repurpose architecture and industrial parts found in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Co-owners, Darren and Paul, now run their successful in-house design and production business creating modern, high-quality furniture which is crafted from raw and salvaged materials using time-honoured techniques.