As the saying goes “A writer writes the book, they are craving to read”
In a similar way, Klaro Industrial Design, or K.I.D. in short, was born out of a longing for a commercially focused supplier, that could evolve and respond, while staying true to its core cause and its clients.

A search for products, that respond to changing criteria in the workplace, without forgoing aesthetics.  A search for a local manufacturing network, that is ready to try, fail, innovate, and win, and are eager to go along on that journey.

“We are looking to bring a "Slow fashion" philosophy and apply it to commercial interior products, to reduce landfill and support local manufacturing.  By spending the time to develop and nurture relationships with our makers, we can respond quickly to clients and fulfil briefs, knowing that we have done the homework for them.”

With a concise product range that spans, seating storage and workstations, Klaro has drawn on its own experience across the fields of architectural design and commercial fit-out.  This is underpinned by the studio’s collective manufacturing expertise and best corporate practices of its partners of more than 2 decades. 

“Our team feels it’s our duty to clients to ensure we consider manufacturing origin and materials, an items life span, its impact on the user and its final frontier.  Whether it’s a one-off custom item or a product from our core range.”

One of K.I.D.’s core values is understanding that the term ‘design intent’ applies to the process, as much as the visual language and end result.