DDHY / Herbarium Cabinet

12+ Weeks

From the tiniest blooms to the thickest leaves, plants color our planet in vibrant shades. Many answers to life questions linger just underneath the surface of these incredible natural wonders, and each plant has a rich story, just waiting for you to uncover. It's okay to talk to your plants; just make sure to listen to their story as well. 

Whether you are storing a large jungle leaf or a sprig of unknown plant matter, your specimens deserve to be kept safe and well preserved in a trusted environment.

Safely Store Specimens

Our herbarium storage cabinets are designed to preserve all sizes, shapes, and types of herbarium specimens. Our mechanically attached silicone gaskets, in combination with our flush locking hardware, will protect your samples from light, dust, water, insects, rodents, and accidental disturbances from other people.

Product Height2133 mm
Product Depth486 mm
Product Width740 mm
Made InAmerica
  • 26 compartments
  • Heavy-duty rigid steel construction
  • Inert non-reactive solvent-free baked powder coat finish
  • Mechanically attached silicone gaskets
  • Recessed handle with three point locking mechanism
  • Flush locking hardware
  • Full length piano hinge door
  • Pull out reference shelf available upon request
5 years
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