Foli Acoustic Light Round

6-8 weeksCastledex QLD

FOLI Acoustic Light offers an aesthetic solution to noise problems in reverberant spaces.


Measuring over 1m in diameter, this suspended circular light presides over a space reducing reverb by up to 30% in the mid-frequency range (allowing for greater speech intelligibility). Elegantly designed with 70’s-inspired geometric lines and a soft, plump underside, the super-sized surface area of acoustic foam works by absorbing sound waves from all angles. Its suspended nature means that it can be situated close to the source of noise, thus absorbing sound waves before they bounce from surface-to-surface.


Above office workspaces, or your favourite restaurant tables, where noise levels tend to build up as people scramble to be heard over one another, FOLI creates acoustic calm. Less distracting reverberant noise results in more focus, conviviality and less feelings of overstimulation and the resulting agitation and tiredness for employees and customers alike.


For stability and in order to ensure straight hanging, our stainless steel cable ceiling suspension kit is recommended.

Product Height1020 mm
Product Depth40 mm
Product Width1010 | 1420 mm
Made InAustralia
  • The FOLI Acoustic Light creates a sense of calmness and elegance in any space with its soft, organic curves.
  • Arriving flat-packed, a 2 minute video shows the installer how to assemble this super sound-absorbent light within 10 minutes.
  • Available in 8 colours Global GreenTag, Level A verified materials
3 years
Colour(s)Orange, grey, pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, red