Four Likes Scooter

12+ Weeks

A versatile piece of furniture that can be used anywhere!

Whether you’re in schools, vibrant break rooms, or collaborative workspaces, the Scooter modules offer engaging, flexible, and space-optimising solutions. Redefine versatility in your environment, and let your imagination run free as you explore styling and modular creativity in creating a workspace that’s uniquely yours.

Embrace mobility and flexibility with FourLikes® Scooter modules! These versatile units offer boundless possibilities, allowing you to customise and add a touch of personality to match your specific spatial needs or work culture. With engaging, flexible, and space-optimising features, the Scooter modules redefine versatility in the workplace.

Product Height800 mm
Product Depth640 mm
Product Width2060 mm
Made InAustralia
Product DesignerNørgaard Design
  • Minimum 95% recyclable.
  • All metal parts can be disposed of and recycled by an approved organisation.
5 years
Product Documents
Colour(s)Varies colour upon request.