FourMe® 11

6-8 weeks

Add style to your workspace

The distinguished designer office chair, adds a touch of refinement to executive offices, boardrooms, and collaborative workspaces alike. Its unparalleled comfort makes it a standout choice for formal settings, elevating the atmosphere of important meetings and discussions. Simultaneously, its versatile design seamlessly integrates into informal meeting areas, encouraging creativity and collaboration. Whether positioned in executive suites or enhancing open work environments, the FourMe® 11 stands as a versatile and sophisticated addition to elevate the aesthetic and functionality of any professional space.

Introducing the FourMe® 11, a refined designer office chair suitable for both formal and informal spaces. Renowned for its exceptional comfort, this chair’s soft-grip shell is crafted from a bio-composite material reinforced with visible wood fibers, creating a unique tactile experience. Beyond its comfort, the FourMe 11 offers versatile functionality, seamlessly fitting into diverse work environments. Its understated yet distinct design, coupled with its durability, makes it an exemplary choice for those seeking sophistication in their workspace. Tailored for a universal audience, the FourMe 11 stands as a testament to the seamless integration of comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal in a professional setting.

Product Height835 mm
Product Depth545 mm
Product Width585 mm
Seat Height455 | 475 mm
Made InDenmark
  • The ultra soft-grip surface of this beautiful chair consists of a bio-composite material enforced with wood fibres, visible to the eye, making every chair unique and a very different tactile experience from conventional polyshell chairs.
  • You can add upholstery for more character or leave it as it is. The possibilities for customization are endless, so we leave it up to you. Go ahead; create your own.
  • Options: Glides
  • Castors
  • Spring return (only available on glides)
5 years
Colour(s)black, grey, white, brown, red, pink