FourMe® 66

6-8 weeks

Taking comfort and flexibility to the next level, FourMe® 66 is easy on the eye, and easy on comfort! Perfect for both meetings and educational establishments, this chair will win you over with its pleasant, wheely charm. This lovely chair beautifully embodies functionality, aesthetics, and support. Add an Inno®tab table for a small stroke of genius.

Product Height790 | 960 mm
Product Depth650 mm
Product Width580 mm
Seat Height410 | 430 mm
Made InDenmark
  • Endless possibilities for seat pad, inner, and full upholstery
  • Part of an extensive furniture family
  • Inno®Tab extension can be added
  • This bio shell armchair is designed to introduce a warmer, more domestic feel to public space interiors.
  • The soft grip surface of the shell chair consists of a bio-composite material blended with excess wood fibers, visible to the eyes and hands, making every chair unique and offering a different tactile experience to conventional polyshell chairs.
  • With maximum comfort and organic, spacious design, FourMe® is a perfect choice for a meeting chair on castors.
5 years
Colour(s)black, grey, white, brown