FourPeople Panels / Stand alone

6-8 weeks

FourPeople has been designed as a complete system for the 21st Century Office.

Providing people with a great workplace experience means creating a variety of spaces with different forms and functions. Spaces that support differing work styles and empowers the user to make choices that optimise wellbeing, performance and the ability to collaborate.

With varying degrees of acoustic privacy and a range of work settings, FourPeople means everyone can find exactly the right place to work. These settings can be fully integrated with other parts of the Ocee product family to tailor solutions to the needs of each team and individual.

FourPeople also makes adapting the workspace easy for workplace managers and designers. The smart modularity of its components means elements can be reconfigured quickly to meet the needs of teams as they shape and reform to meet organisational objectives.

Product Height1372 | 1720 mm
Product DepthTBC mm
Product Width700 | 900 | 1400 | 2100 mm
Made InAustralia
Product DesignerNørgaard Design
  • Stand Alone, convex, concave
5 years
Colour(s)Black, orange, blue, grey, yellow, green, pink, red