FourPeople Work Booth

6-8 weeksCastledex QLD

Redefining office privacy and focus

Elevate your office experience with the FourPeople Work Booth, a transformative solution that goes beyond conventional workspaces. Tailored for the demands of the contemporary professional, this office work booth combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. The intelligently designed work booth not only enhances privacy but also serve as a sound barrier, ensuring a quiet oasis amid the hustle and bustle of the workplace. 

Form and function

This cutting-edge solo work booth serves as more than just a private enclave for intense focus – it’s a versatile cornerstone for adapting to your unique workflow. With optional accessories such as power and data outlets, hooks, and electrical units, this innovative office solution caters to the diverse needs of modern professionals.

Introducing the FourPeople Work Booth – a sustainable and innovatively designed office solution for professionals striving for optimal focus in the modern workplace. Crafted with sustainability in mind and designed for disassembly, this sleek and ergonomic work booth ensures seamless privacy, enabling users to find tranquillity even within a bustling open office space. Versatile and adaptable to diverse office layouts, the FourPeople Work Booth is tailored to elevate your workspace, providing a refined and focused environment for unparalleled efficiency.

Product Height1370 | 1720 mm
Product DepthTBC mm
Product WidthVarious widths mm
Made InAustralia
Product DesignerNørgaard Design
  • Providing people with a great workplace experience means creating a variety of spaces with different forms and functions.
  • With varying degrees of acoustic privacy and a range of work settings, FourPeople means everyone can find exactly the right place to work.
  • FourPeople also makes adapting the workspace easy for workplace managers and designers.
5 years
Colour(s)Beige, grey, black, pink, red, yellow, blue, green