FourReal®741 Flake

6-8 weeks

Modular innovative tables that inspire creativity in the meeting room! Create and recreate, again and again, with FourReal® Flake tables. The FourReal® family is a range of clever space-saving tables that offer agile and fun solutions for meeting and working.

Product Height740 mm
Product Depth1000 | 1290 mm
Product Width1400 | 1600 | 1980 | 2000 mm
Made InDenmark
Product DesignerFour design
  • These innovations are built on the ideas of democratic design and developed to meet the need for agile and flexible solutions, for people to meet at eye level. FourReal® is an inspiring framework for cooperation and mobility for any working environment.
  • The tangible design and organic shapes and curves make FourReal® Flake a natural gathering point, whether for 5 or 10 people.
  • FourReal® tables can be used to create a dynamic and fun space as the options can be connected and reconfigured to create a whole new room design.
  • The tables are designed by Nørgaard Design.
5 years
Colour(s)black, white, grey