FourUs® Wallpod

6-8 weeksCastledex QLD

As flexible as your workflow

Ideal for hot desking scenarios, this wall mounted desk seamlessly adapts to dynamic work environments, allowing individuals to switch effortlessly between tasks. Need to make a private phone call or simply seeking a change of scenery? The wall pod provides a convenient solution, ensuring that your workspace is as flexible as your workflow. Break free from the conventional office setup and let the FourUs® Wallpod redefine the way you approach productivity and collaboration.

Space-saving functionality

Unlock the full potential of your office or commercial space with the FourUs® Wallpod, the pinnacle of wall mounted desk innovation. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this versatile wall pod is not limited to office settings alone. Elevate your co-working spaces, collaborative hubs, or creative studios by integrating this wall workstation into your environment. Its sleek design and space-saving functionality make it an ideal choice for transforming any area into a dynamic workspace.

Introducing the FourUs® Wallpod – a sophisticated and space-efficient solution for your workspace. This wall mounted desk seamlessly combines practicality with a clean Scandinavian design, offering a comfortable and private environment for work or leisure. Maximise your space utilisation with this modern wall workstation that allows you to sit, stand, or focus on tasks without distractions. Elevate your productivity with the FourUs® Wallpod – where form meets function effortlessly.

Product Height500 mm
Product Depth500 mm
Product Width1500 mm
Made InDenmark
Product DesignerAnders Nørgaard
  • The special, wall-mounted units can be upholstered in your choice of fabric.
5 years
Product Documents
Colour(s)Black, grey