FourUs® Wallpod Ear

6-8 weeks

FourUs® Wallpod Ears brings you the opportunity for exploiting every square metre, maximising dead wall space with an acoustic solution for a customised workspace.

Whether you need a comfy spot for a coffee break or a practical work facility, FourUs® Wallpod Ears is the perfect solution for a touch-down area.

Product Height310 mm
Product Depth400 mm
Product Width1500 mm
Made InDenmark
Product DesignerAnders Nørgaard
  • The design is invitingly shaped to bring you coziness and privacy. The concept is a member of our Zoning Family and reflects the clean design of FourUs®
  • The special, wall-mounted units can be created in a wide range of colours and fabric selections.
  • Four Design created the FourUs® Wallpod together with designer Anders Nørgaard.
  • The FourUs® Wallpod solution enables concentration and provides the framework and possibility for quick, informal meetings as well as a spot for individual work and quietness.
5 years
Colour(s)black, blue, green, yellow, beige