Launch stool

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4-6 Weeks

The stool came about via a want to push the rotational molding process. Many other plastic, stackable stools are essentially up-side-down buckets, but I wanted to create something unfamiliar for the process, something that looks like it should have been folded, or bent into shape out of a sheet material. By creating thick legs, the hollow stool has sound integral strength but is still lightweight.

The final design is representative of an animal ready to pounce, or indeed, a space module ready to launch. The tapered legs and large flat seat area gives the stool a certain dynamic which is associated with jumping, flying or moving.

The way the manufacturing process has been used makes the object look visually light. Yet it has a chunky-ness that you don’t get in metal or wooden seats. I think this is what makes it look agile and is the reason it is called ‘launch’.

Product Height440 mm
Product Depth550 mm
Product Width550 mm
Made InChina (assembled in Australia)
Product DesignerBen McCarthy
  • Rotationally molded recyclable polyethylene stool.
5 years
Colour(s)White, Black, Green, Pink, Red, Orange
  • Home Beautiful Awards 2007 Product of the Year – Seating
  • Home Beautiful Awards 2007 – Best Collaboration between designer and manufacturer