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Meet RoomInRoom – the innovative table divider that transforms your workspace. Create separate workspaces instantly for enhanced privacy and improved concentration. Easily attach to FourReal® tables for quick setup and a dynamic environment. Need flexibility? Swiftly disassemble and relocate, ensuring adaptability without disruption. Elevate your workspace with RoomInRoom, redefining boundaries and boosting productivity.

Product Heightvarious heights and widths mm
Product Depthvarious depths mm
Product Widthvarious heights and widths mm
Made InDenmark
Product DesignerFour design
  • RoominRoom (RinR) is developed for the FourReal® tables and can quickly and easily be installed by means of a simple locking system – it can all be done by one person. Install RinR at one or both ends of FourReal® – depending on the intended use.
  • RinR and FourReal® can quickly be disassembled and removed on matching trolleys, for quick reconfigure of the space. Trollies hold 10 units each.
  • The RinR is available with or without acoustic suppression. In an instant, you can create a room in the room and obtain better acoustics, increased concentration and privacy – while still being part of the community.
  • RinR is perfectly suited for canteens, in hallways, in large rooms, in offices – thereby achieving informal, meeting spaces, which do not disturb others.
5 years
Colour(s)black, white, grey, blue, green, yellow, red