Stone Island

8-12 Weeks

Stone is a collection of upholstered elements, of varying shapes and sizes, allowing the creation of a multitude of different layouts. This composition, known as Island, consists of 8 seating elements surrounding a central backrest. This makes it ideal for large contract spaces, education, agile working, foyers, lofts and areas dedicated to wellness and relaxation.

Each module is connected together using the unique and innovative True-Link system keeping it locked securely in this layout for as long as required.  True-Link offers unrestricted control to rearrange the elements as required or to add further pieces. 

Product Height380 mm
Product DepthVarious mm
Product WidthVarious mm
Made InAustralia
Product DesignerBaldanzi & Novelli
  • Upholstery
  • High resistance foam
  • Wooden inner frame
5 years
Colour(s)Please contact Castledex