Tizio e Caio

12+ Weeks

'Tizio e Caio' is a multi-functional side table comprised of two separate elements:

Caio is the upper part built in veneered plywood and laminate that can be used as part of the table or as a separate tray.

Tizio is the side table built from sheet and tubular steel, constituting the base.

The two autonomous entities together create a versatile piece of furniture that has the ability to interact with modern accessories in a contemporary space. Can also be used together as nesting tables.

Product Height630 | 420 mm
Product Depth390 | 480 mm
Product Width390 | 480 mm
Made InItaly
Product DesignerLeonardo Rossano
  • Steel plate top/base and rod
  • White laminated MDF top
  • Wood inner frame & top support
3 years
Colour(s)See Tizio e Caio Technical Sheet