Inspire comfortably designed spaces for residential care
Castledex creates functional, homelike settings for senior living.

No-one aspires to live in a nursing home. That’s because traditional nursing homes were designed and built to accommodate the people who worked there. In our opinion, aged care residents deserve to live in a beautifully designed space that feels like home – because that’s what it is. This includes having the choice to move between spaces dependent on their activity or mood.

So how do you balance the desire for a residential setting with the ability to deliver high-quality, aged care services? It comes down to having a thoughtful design strategy that considers how a resident feels while providing workspaces for carers, nurses, and aged care staff to easily carry out their daily duties.

Castledex achieves this delicate balance by focusing on equal parts of wellbeing, functionality, and safety for both residents and staff. We use high-quality manufacturing partners and provide expert project management and consulting services. A dedicated and highly experienced install team ensures everything meets the Aged Care Quality Standards.