Inspire knowledge with intelligent education spaces
Castledex enhances collaboration and learning for the modern student.

One of the biggest challenges of modern education is meeting the rapidly changing behaviours and demands of students. Add technology to the mix and a complete rethink of learning environments is required – from furniture and fit-outs, to how and where collaboration occurs. We have our own ideas about intelligent use of space and how to futureproof your education environment. Are you ready to create inspiring learning spaces? 

We believe a student’s environment has a big impact on learning. This extends beyond the classroom into laboratories, libraries, study spaces and social areas. Collaboration and innovation can be enhanced with agile learning environments that take student comfort and wellbeing into account. Students are motivated to learn when they can self-select the environment that lets them achieve their best work.

While providing multi-use spaces is essential for modern learning, it also makes business sense. Being able to easily repurpose and reconfigure furniture, workspaces and storage solutions extends the value of your investment. Durability, quality workmanship and aesthetic appeal add to the return on your investment in educational furniture.

Castledex has a long history in designing thoughtful strategies for education spaces for any budget. We use high-quality manufacturing partners and provide expert project management to help you implement the strategy. A dedicated and highly experienced install team ensures our stringent standards are met on every project.