Learning Hut

8-12 Weeks

The Learning Hut provides a refuge space for up to four students to gather and collaborate together, free from distraction.

The Hut gets kids off the ground and can be used to divide space within the classroom or backed against a wall for a more private collaboration area.

Composed of a wooden substructure, acoustic dampening roof and built in seating and workstation. Available in a range of calming, balanced or energetic colour ways. Additional extras include foam seat toppers for added comfort.

Product HeightHut: 1700mm Seat: 360mm Table:550mm mm
Product Depth700mm mm
Product Width1235mm mm
Made InAustralia
  • Creates a landmark within the classroom for students to gather.
  • Integrated seating and table allows for up to 4 students to collaborate.
  • Divides space and creates more ownable areas within the classroom.
  • Materials, colours and textures directly inspired by nature.
  • Durable timber construction with commercial grade upholstery.
  • Made from FSC Plywood, Polyester Blend Fabric, PET Acoustic Panel, Steel.
  • Design Registered in New Zealand, Australia, China, Hongkong and Singapore.
2 years
Product Documents
Colour(s)Blue, Green, Orange