12+ Weeks

Soundroom is designed for open office spaces for organizing work, collaboration and rest areas. It offers an opportunity to freely define different workspaces and conditions, which has a significant positive effect on quality and performance, fosters good relations between workers and produces a range of benefits for the enterprise. This is because acoustic comfort achieved with Soundroom is necessary to perform work tasks reliably and without errors, and ensures an undisturbed exchange of information and successful communication. Companies are able to arrange areas for creative or analytical teams, depending on current needs, and to model job-related clusters within buildings. Work teams have access to a virtually unlimited number of possibilities to set up spaces for individual and teamwork, comfortable meetings and concentration. 

Product HeightVarious mm
Product DepthVarious mm
Product WidthVarious mm
Made InPoland
Product DesignerTomek Rygalik
  • The non-woven fabric covers on both sides a honeycomb-shaped cardboard core with hexagonal cells
  • The lightweight, extremely rigid and visually attractive panel which is pleasant and warm to the touch
  • The panels have a characteristic wavy shape on the inner side and are flat on the outer side
5 years
Colour(s)See Noti Camira Fabric PDF, See Noti Medley Fabric PDF