We’re currently accepting submissions for the CASTLEDEX ART PROGRAM
Castledex recognizes the value added by incorporating the Visual Arts into Inspired Spaces and so has launched the Castledex Art Program in response. It builds upon the creative prospects that present to our company in refurbishment and design projects, as well as providing artists with the unique opportunity to engage with a diverse audience and showcase artwork in the dynamic Castledex CBD showroom. 


The Castledex CBD Showroom space provides the perfect backdrop to reach new, wider audiences, and appeal to a corporate customer. In one of Perth’s premier locations, artwork will not only be viewed by leading Interior Designers and Architects but also be seen by the dozens of commuters passing by each day. 

Castledex already celebrates the rich diversity of the Australian Design community, with partnerships established with several Australian designers; Klaro Industrial Design, Acustico, Furnished Forever, SBW and Arko. Castledex is now looking to drive greater inroads into developing similar ties with the local Visual Arts community through the Castledex Art Program. If you are a local, practicing artist looking to display your artwork and develop larger audiences, then don’t miss out! Complete the Submission Form attached.


Successful applicants can expect -

  • Increased exposure through potential exhibition in the Castledex CBD Showroom.
  • Opportunities to submit proposals for new commission artworks and / or projects.
  • Exhibiting artwork will be thoughtfully curated and paired with complimentary furnishings.
  • Successful artworks will be featured on Castledex websites and social media.

Successful artists will have – 

  • Contemporary, original artwork of high quality.
  • Two- or Three-dimensional artworks considered, including, but not limited to; painting, textile, ceramics, digital etc.
  • A collection of recent artworks, ready for display and available to be sold.
  • Submission form completed and images attached.


Submission Form

Please email with any further queries to